Get ready for the plowing season with Agrinote

Winter is approaching with freezing temperatures and snow. Many have already started planning the plowing season and arranged plowing agreements. Did you know that Agrinote has a dedicated snow removal module? We also generate invoice documentation for you and your customers. Easier for you!

Under Snow removal, you can choose between "Road list" or "Single registration". With Single registration, you can enter plowing work or readiness for an individual customer. Meanwhile, in Road list, you select a custom road list, with several customers on the same list. If you are doing a round trip where you are plowing for several people after eachother, this is the choice for you! You can register the work performed and the price for each person on the list with a single registration. You can create as many road lists as you want for your needs.

To be able to register snow removal, you first got to add all your customers and then your road lists. You can find this under Profile/settings.

Snow removal in Agrinote
Snow removal in Agrinote

Agrinote and the Snow removal module can be used on phone, tablet and PC. Using a mobile phone, it is easy to register the completed snow removal while still sitting in the tractor

Other tips for the Snow removal module:

You are now ready for the winter adventure - snow plowing with your machines!

Setesdal, Norway

A sunny day in Setesdal. Snow removal is an important job in snowy Norway. Thanks to everyone who keeps the roads clear of snow!

Published November 2023

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