We have tested Farming Simulator 19

Farming simulator 19 may be used by both experienced farmers, as well as anyone who wants to learn more about how our food is made – especially as a tool for learning!

Farming Simulator 19 - In short
Farming Simulator 19
Profilbilde: Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 is the newest iteration in the 10-year old Farming Simulator-franchise!

We have tested the PC-version and can confirm that it does not require a powerful PC, unlike many other games. The online multiplayer feature has not been tested.

What is Farming Simulator 19?

Farming Simulator 19 is a simulation game aimed at farmers and those with an interest in agriculture. The game was released November 19, 2018, and is the newest game in a franchise that goes all the way back to 2008. Since then, Giants Software has worked hard to make the most complete «farm- and agriculture simulation» on the market. In other words, they have made the same game over and over again, but a little better and with a little more of the good stuff each time. The new big addition this time is the option to work with horse production.

At some stage, Giants Software must have made a choice; to focus solely on their target audience. If you’re already familiar with operating a farm, you may simply pick up this game without any need for tutorials or learning. However, if you’re not familiar with agriculture, the game can quickly become complicated and difficult – and aside from a few basic tutorials, the game rarely holds your hand.

The game has chosen to focus on realism, and prioritizes that over groundbreaking action or a breathtaking story. There is, in fact, no story – but rather a career mode. Even with its focus on realism, FS19 manages to avoid getting overly clunky or slow-paced: If any equipment gets stuck or tips over, it can easily be reset and/or be retrieved from the store. Certain variables, for example fuel usage or crop growth, may be adjusted as desired.

Farming Simulator is the new sandbox

In Farming Simulator 19, it’s you as the player who decide how to play the game, or what to spend your time doing. With such great freedom, setting yourself goals is important – and the game is largely about reaching these goals. This is a great strength in the game, but at the same time a big weakness. The game can be compared to a sandbox. A huge sandbox, with everything within agriculture at your disposal. The game is a place where you can do anything you want, but you have to come up with what to do on your own. If not, you will quickly find yourself just sitting there without doing anything at all.

Bondeprofil: Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator 19 simulates agriculture in detail. Here is me working together with a helper to harvest more efficiently!

Hired labor – or do everything yourself?

In the game you can choose whether you want to do everything yourself, or hire helpers. The helpers are controlled through AI (Artificial Intelligence) but are slow and lack efficiency. You may also take on contract work from the other computer-controlled farms in the area. When performing contract work, you may either use your own equipment, or use leased equipment in exchange for lower payment.

Short video:

New in Farming Simulator 19: Horses

Another choice you have when playing is how to focus your operations. If you choose to focus on livestock production, you may now also work with horse production, a new addition to the Farming Simulator franchise. You may also ride the horses, in fact, the horses should ideally be ridden daily to be exercised.

Bondeprofil: Farming Simulator 19

New in Farming Simulator 19 is the possibility to work with horse production! These should be ridden daily to be exercised, which in return raise the value of the horse. This is me and Epona touring the beautiful outskirts of the village Felsbrunn

Career mode

As mentioned earlier, there is no story in Farming Simulator 19. In the career mode, you can choose between three different modes, and these operate as three different difficulty settings:

You may choose between different maps

There are two maps in Farming Simulator 19: American Ravenport and European Felsbrunn. These maps are visually very different, but the content on the maps are mainly the same. In addition to the default maps, you may add user-made maps as a "mod":

A mod is user-made content or material you can add to the game. This can be anything from new maps to new machinery. I have not tested any mods, but avid Farming Simulator players claim this to be the key to how the Farming Simulator games should be played.

I am personally no farmer, and thus I fall outside of the target audience of the game. I thought it was fun to learn new things, and therefore went from area to area with great occasional enthusiasm. The game feels repetitive at times – but all in all I consider Farming Simulator a fun learning experience. I have learnt many new things and feel like I have gotten an insight into agriculture through playing Farming Simulator 19!

Definitely recommended!

Jon Einar @ AgriNote

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