Combining farming with conference centre and accommodation

Facts about Valberg Slektsgard
Janne Mette Valberg and Roger Lein
Profile picture: Janne Mette Valberg and Roger Lein

Janne Mette and Roger work with production of potato and root vegetables, in addition to seminar- and conference centre with accommodation

Why did you become farmers?

- I grew up on the farm as the one with allodial rights, so it came perfectly natural to me, Janne Mette says in true Trøndelag dialect.

I have operated the farm with my father since 1996. Me and my husband moved here in 2000. In 2013, we took over operations, but my father is still active and is happy to help. Both my parents still live here, which is nice to everyone.

In Frosta, there is an exceptionally helpful and pleasant environment between us farmers, where we have great positivity and joy. That is something we appreciate greatly!

What is the best part of being a farmer?

- The best part is that we get to be our own masters and how we get to decide how to work and what to spend the days doing. All the challenges we meet along the way makes it all exciting, and we really get to see the value of living- and working together, my husband and I. Not to mention how convenient it is that one of us can always be at home, especially when the kids were younger. I find it quite unique to be able to have it this way!

We have found a nice way to split the responsibility, where I take care of anything agricultural and Roger has the responsibility for the seminar- and conference centre. We rent out premises for anything from seminars to weddings. We serve home-made, local food from Frosta, and run a farm hotel and six rental cabins, with space for about 100 overnight guests in total. There are various premises at disposal at the farm, where arrangements can be hosted for anywhere from 15 to 150 people.

We had visits, with catering, of both the Nordic ministers of agriculture and the Crown Prince couple when they were traveling in Trøndelag, some years ago! This year, we have scheduled a whopping 13 weddings on the farm, so it is safe to say that the events are lined up ahead, Janne Mette promises, who is currently on a long-awaited vacation in Tenerife, together with her husband.

The possibilities at Valberg Slektsgard are many. In beautiful scenery with a great view over Tautra and the fjord of Trondheim, everything is laid in place for future events to be successful. All arrangements are customized to your wishes and needs. See more (in Norwegian) at

What are the biggest challenges in your farm operations?

– It can be challenging to find contract laborers with the right qualifications at the height of the season, since we are dependent on extra manpower. For our part, the season starts as early as April, and from July to October we need of extra manpower, which is a big challenge. Unfortunately, not many people with the right qualifications are interested in working just a few months a year. The weather can also present challenges, especially during fall, where the amount of rain is too great which results in too wet fields.

What modules do you use the most in AgriNote?

- I have used the spraying module very much, and the notes module is also much in use. I could be even more thorough at registering things in AgriNote, and that is something I’m working on currently, because AgriNote is here to stay!

Do you have a comment, or is there anything you are missing in AgriNote?

- No, not really. It’s all about getting to know the system and find ways to do it yourself.

Farmer profile: Janne Mette Valberg and Roger Lein

Janne Mette and Roger work with production of potatoes and root vegetables

We thank Janne Mette Valberg and Roger Lein for the chat and wish them the best of luck in the future!

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