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Preventive safety inspections

For your own and other's safety, you should perform a preventive safety inspection at least once a year. This may also be required by law (in some countries).

The safety inspection is important, as it helps identify and remove risks/hazards. That way, the farm remains a safe area to live and work - for you, your family, and any potential workers.

You do a preventive safety inspection by bringing others at the farm (workers and/or family) and physically walk around the farm to look for things that could pose a threat/risk for life and health - and what could be done to improve the relevant area. All of this will be noted here in Agrinote.

You may also note the state of things that has been checked and found to be working okay, this way it's well documented for the future.

Feel free to use our 'check list' to help guide you with what to look for as you do the safety inspection. The checkpoints are already filled in and all you need to do is mark each checkpoint as OK or not OK. In addition, write down any measures you have done to improve the relevant areas.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) should be performed for especially dangerous work tasks, or tasks rarely performed. This applies to tasks that can lead to injuries or material damage, for example when you are going to cut down a large tree. In some countries, such reports may be required by law.

Chainsaw HSE

A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) should be performed for especially dangerous work tasks

My product data sheets

A safety data sheet (formerly known as “product data sheet”) is an accompanying digital paper that should contain information detailing hazardous characteristics and recommended protective measures when using dangerous chemicals.

If you upload all data sheets relevant to you here, you will be more prepared for any future inspection, as you have everything gathered in one place.

HSE product data sheet

Safety data sheet - everything gathered in one place: Agrinote!

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